Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The LM Fairy is M.I.A!

Seraphina was five weeks old and the ENT had just pulled the scope out of her nose.
She was gasping for air and there was blood dripping from her nose.
I sat there, numb.
The ENT said,
"your baby has something called laryngomalacia. It will be gone by her first birthday."
and walked out the door...

Ohh... okay... that's good...that's not that bad.
I pictured the Floppy Larynx Fairy magically slipping into
Seraphina's bedroom the night before her first birthday.
The fairy shook her wand over Seraphina's floppy larynx and viola!
No more floppy larynx!Thank you Floppy Larynx Fairy! You are the best!
I gave her a hi-5 and then we went shopping and saw Hangover 2 together.
she treated!

I left the ENT's office with a huge false sense of
"this is going to be okay...the Floppy Larynx Fairy will take care of it."

Every night I waited... I waited for her... to make Seraphina all better.
16 months later... I am still waiting.

I am starting to think the Floppy Larynx Fairy does not know where we live.
She should talk to the First Aid Squad and Paramedics because they know where we live.
Or even the medical supply company they know!
I am sure they could even give her a lift if she needed it.

Or maybe she is on vacation...a very long vacation....
she doesn't have good cell phone reception and that's why
she has not replied to my 107265383 text messages.
That's okay... I'll hit her up on Facebook.

Newsflash to all the ENT's!
there is no such thing as the Floppy Larynx Fairy
so stop tricking all of the LM Supermom's into believing there is!
because they are getting pretty p*ssed.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Looking Back: Can You See My Floppy Larynx?


Can you see my floppy larynx from here?

Seraphina at 9 months old... showing off her floppy larynx.