Wednesday, February 25, 2015


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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hospital gowns are needed!

Photo credit: Lazy Girl Designs
We are  in GREAT need of infant-toddler size 
(boy/girl colors & prints) hospital gowns 

These gowns will be included in our care packages and 
given to Pint-Sized Powerhouses' who are scheduled to have airway surgery.

All donations are appreciated and can be mailed to:
Coping With LM, Inc.
PO Box 313
Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

*please include your name and address so we can properly thank you!*
*all donations are tax deductible and receipts will be given*

Malacia Mom Leah says:
"My son is getting surgery this month and we just received his care package. The thought of my son going into surgery is dreadful but the little surgical gown, Lu The Lamb and the beautiful blanket makes the thought so much more positive!"
 (5 Star Review from

Get a FREE gown pattern here and here .

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Airway Defects: From an EMT's Point of View

Today we have a guest blogger, Mr. Matthew Windram. Matt is an EMT and firefighter in New Jersey. Today he writes about Laryngomalacia from an EMT/first responders point of view... and what YOU need to know and do as a parent to make sure your baby gets the proper care...if something should go wrong.

"Laryngomalacia, or literally "soft larynx" is a very common condition of infancy and is the most common cause of inspiratory breathing noises in infants. Although well known to doctors, nurses, as well as parents of children who have the condition, it is not necessarily well known by members of the emergency services. Therefore you can be a resource to your local police officers, firefighters, and EMTs.

When to call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room:

-If the child stops breathing.
-If you witness the child turning blue (this is called Cyanosis)
-Episodes of Apnea, or interruptions in normal breathing
-Any episodes of respiratory distress characterized by the retraction, or sinking in of the chest and/or neck muscles for extended periods of time.

So what can you do?

Contact your local First Aid Squad or EMS providing agency and inform them that a member of your household has laryngomalacia. The squad or agency will then ensure that the EMTs in your area will be made aware of your residence and the possibility of laryngomalacia complications in their response area. Also, in the event of an emergency, be prepared to briefly inform the responding emergency personnel as to what laryngomalacia is, and its resulting complications. Sometimes the fire department or a police officer will arrive before an ambulance and will have only basic knowledge of first aid; so it's important for you to be well informed and ready to help them help you.

It's also important to be ready to explain the condition to the 911 dispatcher as well as if your child has a medical apnea monitor. By making the dispatcher aware of the condition and the monitor, they will be able to make the decision to send paramedics, who are better equipped and trained to deal with more advanced medical conditions.

While you are out with your child (or the child is at daycare ect) it's a good idea for the child to wear a medical alert bracelet in the event of an emergency.

Lieutenant Matthew Windram
Middletown Township Fire Department, Station #2