Sunday, July 31, 2016

CWL Online Store: 20% Off Sale!

Use coupon code Summer20 for 20% off your entire retail purchase!
Offer is valid until 8/15/16 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#SpreadTheLovey Project: Your Help Is Needed!

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with Baby Jack & Co.'s ‪#‎spreadthelovey‬ Project!

Your donation of $18 per lovey will bring so much joy to a family, during a difficult time in their lives. Cost includes bulk shipping / delivery to donation. Don't worry about the shipping details, we will make sure it gets sent to your Kindness Rep!

Enter code KIND to offset the pre-set shipping on our website. No matter what shipping info you enter, it will be shipped to the donation recipient in 1 bulk shipment.

If you have interest in championing a donation drop off to a local hospital that is near and dear to you, please email Kelley at for more details.

*lovies will be included in our Breathe Easy Care Package's.*
*Our goal is 100 lovies*

Monday, July 18, 2016

Airway Defects Day Highlight Video

I want to take a moment and thank everyone who participated in Paint Your Nails Light Blue For Laryngomalacia on World Airway Defects Day (July 10, 2016) this year. The support was overwhelming to say the least. From Turkey to Australia to New Jersey, USA- we all stood together-showing support, raising awareness and making a difference for an airway defect many can not pronounce. As I put together this highlight video, I reflected on my own journey with ‪#‎laryngomalacia‬. As many of you know, six years ago, my daughter-Seraphina- was diagnosed with life threatening laryngomalacia and needed an emergency supraglottoplasty. I remember sitting in the doctor's office and asking him if he had a support group-a contact-someone I could talk to. Someone who knew exactly what I was going through. He was unable to offer me anything. As I sat in PICU the night after Seraphina's surgery I made a promise to myself, I would do whatever I could so no parent has to sit in PICU, watching their child breathe and think, "I wish I had someone to talk to." Coping With Laryngomalacia, Inc. is here for you, you are not alone.
Thank you, from my bottom of my heart for going ‪#‎LightBlueForLM‬
- Stephanie Hueston, CWL Founder & President.
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