Monday, November 4, 2013

Growing Little Seeds

Photo by: Stephanie Hueston
we have lost sight of normal childhood behavior and growth. 
so concerned with numbers, percentiles and charts we forget everyone is different. 
we all GROW differently, in our own time. 
as a parent, it is our responsibility to make sure our little seeds have enough love, water & sun. we must shield them from the harsh winter storms then stand in awe 
as we watch them bloom into their own.. 
unlike any ever before, unlike any that will come.
how sad of a world it would be if every wild flower, every grain of the beach's sand, every autumn leaf, every snowflake was... the same.
so today, soak in the suns warm rays and breathe in the crisp fall air. 
stand beside your little seed and whisper "grow, grow, grow into you."  
-CWL Founder & President
Stephanie Hueston.