Thursday, August 2, 2018

6 Ways To Nurture Your Marriage While You Are Coping With LM

Parents of special needs children have an 80% divorce rate. 

Yes, you read that right...80%. 

The constant stress/PTSD, hospital stays, outstanding medical bills and lack of help from family and friends can leave a couple wondering if life would be easier apart. 

Parents coping with PTSD may have a very difficult time leaving their child for a date night. 

What if she stops breathing? 

What if the babysitter doesn't remember how to turn on her apnea monitor?

And we aren't talking about normal parental worries, we are talking about full-blown panic attacks in the middle of the movie theater. Sadly, almost all parents of moderate to severe airway babies will experience some form of PTSD.

Then there are the outstanding medical bills and sky-high insurance premiums that leave little to no money at the end of the month for dinner and some drinks. 

So what does a couple do?

We asked our parents in Parent Support at Coping With LM what did they do to nurture their marriage while they are coping with LM and here is what they said:

1. Movie Night-In
Put the kids to bed, turn on the apnea monitor/oxygen and get comfy on the couch together! 
Comcast OnDemand has many free movies. Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and the local library are other good options. 
Movie recommendation: Fireproof 

2. Cook Together 
Scroll through Pinterest and find a new recipe, you both love. 
Maybe some chocolate fondue and fresh strawberries are exactly what the doctor ordered. 

3. In-House Babysitting
Who said you have to LEAVE the house when the babysitter comes? 
Ask a grandparent, sister, brother or home nurse to watch your Pint-Sized Powerhouse in the living room while you and your spouse watch a movie in your bedroom, sit outside by the firepit, or tackle that to-do list together! 
It's about spending time together, not how far away you are from your child. 

4. Go On A Hike
Put the kids in the stroller or baby carrier and go for a hike together. 
You will be surprised what a little sun and fresh air can do for you both! 

5. Find Your Village
Having a hard time finding someone who will watch your Pint-Sized Powerhouse? 
Find another Malacia family in your area and swap babysitting nights. 

6. Read A Book Together
Book recommendation: The 5 Love Languages.*

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