Monday, April 29, 2013

Making a Difference Monday: Socks 4 Surgery

Tonight we honor Socks 4 Surgery founder, Ellen Garner.
Ellen is a LM Supermom who has truly 
proved to everyone that the good follows the bad. 

From Ellen:
Socks 4 Surgery comes from a very sincere place ♥ Its not just some idea.. its so much more personal than that.
Our Third son Cruz was born with a congenital birth defect called Laryngomalacia. Cruz has severe laryngomalacia,and to this day he is 20 months old and has had 3 surgeries, and multiple procedures. It isn't an easy road to say the least. When he was 12 weeks old he had his first major airway surgery. The nurses came in the room,handed me a gown, and told me he could keep his gown, diaper, and socks on. At that very moment, I looked at his socks, and I had put him in plain white corney boring socks. I was horrified!! LOL! Had I had known he could keep his socks on, I most certainly would have put him in cute warm socks!!! ESPECIALLY if that was the ONLY personal belonging he could keep on of his! Where was the memo for that?!
When I walked into the recovery room to see him, he was,cold, shivering,and clearly in pain. To this day I know there is nothing I could have done about the pain he was in,however, he could have been in warmer socks!! SO SOCKS 4 SURGERY IS MY GIFT TO HIM, AND OUR GIFT TO YOU. I have made EVERY pair of socks with love, in honor of him. HE INSPIRED this project. Please Share our Story, and our Mission.

"Socks 4 Surgery is dedicated to providing a keepsake of a pair of socks, a reminder of overcoming the adversity of surgery. Our Mission is to improve their surgery experience by keeping their feet warm, while keeping a personal belonging with them. We believe health and wellness will lead to a satisfying and rewarding life. We want to inspire fellow friends to help spread awareness of birth defects."

We applaud you Ellen...for your strength, passion 
and commitment for making a difference in this world!!!

To learn about Socks 4 Surgery:

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Lu the Laryngomalacia Lamb!

Lu was diagnosed with LM as a little lamb. He was having a hard time breathing so Mama Sheep brought him to see the doctor. When Lu was three months old he had to go to the hospital and surgery because his LM was so severe. Ever since surgery, Lu has been breathing easy! 
Lu is now on a campaign to raise as much awareness and collect as many donations as his little baa-ing self possibly can!

We are all so excited to have Lu as part of the CWL Team! 

Lu's Birth Story
CWL Founder & President Stephanie Hueston’s,  pint-sized powerhouse Seraphina has carried around a stuffed lamb since she was 14 months old. Seraphina’s little lamb (named Lamby) has been a constant comfort during hospital stays and doctors visits.
After seeing how much of a positive impact one little lamb can make, Seraphina’s grandmother Edie Hueston created Lu the Larnygomalacia Lamb for CWL.

Seraphina with her Lamby.

After Lu was born he went over to Lisa Liebeck Photography & Graphic Design where he got a haircut and a nice blue ribbon then was put into a PDF file and sent to CWL.

Lu is now ready to offer  pint-sized powerhouses everywhere comfort and security, while raising awareness for a common airway defect that tried to kill him.

Welcome Lu, you are loved.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Making A Difference Monday: Harper's Pearls

D & M Designs is a mom and daughter bushiness,
created by Maren Fisher and Deb Henriksen.
D & M Designs create affordable, real glass, mother of pearl and natural gemstone .
To date they have made over a thousand pieces!
Their pieces can be found in local shops in Dell Rapids, SD as well as online. 

Last year Maren gave birth to her third child,  Harper. Shortly after birth Harper was diagnosed with  laryngomalacia and then needed surgery. 
As Maren searched for support she came across Coping With Laryngomalacia.
She then did  something truly amazing. She decided to give back
"Because this organization is so good, I really wanted to do something for them," Maren said.
Harper's Pearls was born.
Harpers Pearls is an online jewelry shop found on Facebook.
 A portion of total sales is donated directly to Coping With Laryngomalacia.
We applaud you both, Maren and Deb.. 
for choosing to let laryngomalacia empower you, not destroy you!

For more information on  how Harper's Pearls supports CWL click here

Check out some of their work! 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Making a Difference Monday: Jordy's Mom

There is something to be said about a mother who, in the mist of darkness is able to find a glimmer of light. To turn a situation that should have destroyed her into a positive experience for her, her family and community. Storymye Wommack  has decided to let laryngomalacia empower her, not destroy her--the definition of a LM Supermom.

A message from Storyme:
To really heal is to help someone. I heard this today and it instantly gave me a flutter in my heart. It just made it all click. I spent the 1st year of Jordy's life fighting for her health and mourning the loss of the healthy baby we had imagined having. I was so focused on trying to heal everything that was wrong with her and all of the fears and the what ifs that I stopped living. I became consumed by LM. Then one day I woke up and decided I wanted to give back to CWL for helping me keep my sanity through all of this. We started
the planning for the 1st Annual Coping With LM charity softball tournament and before I knew I felt free. I had finally let go and started to get myself back. My eyes are open to a whole new light. Yes Jordy has LM. Yes my life is still just as stressful. But, yes my life is beautiful and I feel amazing! Stephanie Hueston you are right, it does get better!! My heart and soul are starting to heal a little more everyday. It really wasn't Jordy and her LM that needed to be healed this whole time it was me! Jordy has never let this horrid birth defect get her down and I will not either. Now here's to raising lots of money and awareness for CWL!!!

To learn more about The 1st Annual Coping With LM Charity Softball Tournament click here.