Monday, April 6, 2015

Because Of You

Dear Laryngomalacia,
Our journey began five years ago. Five years ago, I was angry at you. Very...intensely... angry. Life as I knew it was a distant memory and I blamed you. I fought you, I only saw the negative side of you, I let you destroy me.

The days turned into weeks and before I knew it, the weeks were turning into years.
Every time we would get home from another long hospital stay- because of you- I would stand in front of my mirror, unable to recognize the woman staring back at me. You were destroying me...and I was letting you.

Then I remembered advice my mother used tell me. She would say, “you always have a choice in life, Steph. Always.”

She was right. I could let you destroy me or I could let you empower me, the choice was there. The choice was mine to make.

So I dug deep, deeper than I had ever before and found my inner Supermom strength. The kind of strength you need to cope with a life threatening airway defect. I had it all along.

Before I knew it, my inner strength began strengthening others.

I was not alone, I was not alone.

There were other families-around the world- that you were trying to destroy.

So do you know what I did, Laryngomalacia? I shared with them,  the advice my mother told me...and now they are letting you empower them, not destroy them.  We are all connected, a virtual connection that spans from New Jersey to Australia. From The Netherlands to South Africa. We remain strong-together- when you try and make us weak.

So thank you Laryngomalacia for making me the person I needed to me. Because of you I wouldn’t be the mother, the wife, the person I am today. And you know what? I, love... who I am today. I am strong. I am passionate. I am confident. I am enough.

My voice has been heard around the world,  because of you.

Written by: Stephanie Hueston
CWL Founder & President.

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