Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mothers View: Kristie

My life as a mom and wife completely changed when MY ANGEL was born. I would say it changed for the BETTER. From the moment the doctor put Noah in my hands, I fell in LOVE. It was almost like falling in love with my other 2 children, but something was different about Noah. Once the nurses cleaned my baby, and placed him back in my arms, I knew something was wrong. Under his perfect little fingernails and toenails they were blue. They checked his oxygen several times before allowing us to go to our room. Everyone assured me my BABY was just fine. The two days we were at the hospital his breathing just sounded not normal to me. The doctors assured me that it was NORMAL. They told me it was because it was such a fast birth and mucus was still in his lungs. HE WILL GROW OUT OF IT. I eventually began to hate this these six words. Such simple words became my worst enemy. The next couple of days at home were scarey. Noah sounded like a baby pig breathing. He snored so loud, that he would wake his self up. His first visit with his pediatrician was confusing to me. I KNEW in MY HEART something was not right with my BABY. The doctors tried reassuring me HE WILL GROW OUT OF IT. Diagnosis: Infant Congestion...... Guess what I'm his mom and I am telling You, actually BEGGING,PLEADING with you, I now that this diagnosis is wrong.

Noah's breathing actually got a little better. So maybe the doctor was right ,just maybe he did grow out of the noisy breathing. Then at four months old it started again. This time it was TEN TIMES worse. Not only was my baby not breathing normal, he was not sleeping, he was on reflux medicine, he was still taking a bottle from a preemie nipple that would take him over an hour to drink 6 ounces. Also he was a full term baby not premature.

By the time Noah was 8 months old, things were pretty much unbelievable. My baby was still not sleeping, still not breathing normal, and I knew that he was not not Growing out of whatever was consuming his little body....I also knew that whatever we were up against Noah would win.....

Kristie Stewart

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