Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Operation: Mommy Time

CWL would like to introduce our newest program,
Operation: Mommy Time

We at CWL know how hard it can be to find some "me" time in the mists of being a full time mommy... top that with a floppy larynx and you have yourself one tired, over whelmed, nail polish chipped mama!

CWL is here to help change that!

Each week CWL challenges YOU, LM Supermama's to take a time out and have some well deserved "Mommy Time." Each Monday we will talk about what everyone did, who watched the baby and how we all felt about taking a few minutes for ourselves.

Now, I know you all saying-- "But, I don't have a babysitter!"- "I can't leave my baby!"- "I'd love a day at the spa but money is tight!"

It's not about HOW much you do... it's simply about the fact that you took time out of your crazy life to stop and concentrate on YOU. Sometimes just taking a hot shower and reading a good book before you go to bed is enough.

Now go... get your calender and pencil in some Mommy Time!

Remember, be ready to talk about what you did on Monday!

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